Our Story - Smokin' the Southwest since 2015

 The Pig and Pallet was opened in 2015 by the team behind Good Game Charcuterie, Pete & Steve.  Having spent time on the street food and festival circuit the GG boys were keen to offer simple American BBQ dishes, smoked the right way, but with more time and preparation the events scene allowed the.  Pete & Steve had a desire to open a restaurant in Topsham which offered the kind of food that they wanted to eat - using quality ingredients from Devon or as close as possibly available.
The Pig & Pallet work with free range and outdoor pigs, grass fed cows and free-range chicken. Quality ingredients and high welfare animals are important to us. We like to use traditional cooking methods combined with American influences of smoking and slow BBQ to make amazing dishes celebrating the great ingredients we have in Devon. We also like to produce meat free dishes but in doing so avoid the use of mass-produced non-meat products.
Our restaurant was hand build by Pete & Steve in 2015, there have been a few changes over the years but it still looks hand made, shabby cheap is how we refer to it.
We feel it represents what we stand for and has the vibe we want from our unique offering. We’re aware that not everyone likes what we offer and how we offer it - but the people who do absolutely love it. Since opening we have won multiple awards and have been recognized by the BBC as a restaurant worthy of being in a series.
Whilst Steve and Pete are now pulled in multiple directions they can still be occasionally found in the Pig – overviewing menus, unblocking sinks, sampling a gin and enjoying their place! 
The Pig & Pallet has now been under the watchful eye of our very own ‘Food Dude’ Marcus, who after a surprisingly average spell in fine dining is now recognized as a highly experienced and innovative BBQ smoker within the UK scene, and he is the idiot who came up with the smokehouse afternoon tea and the mac and cheese doughnut with the guidance and help of his awesome and inspirational Guru, Christian!
Good Game continues to produce fine charcuterie, and this is all available to buy in the Pig & Pallet. Even now they still make bacon for the Pig, as we cannot find a provider who can match the standard which we are looking for.
We hope you want to come and visit us, and we do hope you will love what we do because we REALLY do!